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Ebenezer's Land

A Christian children’s picture book series set in a mysterious land where only one family can be found.

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Featured in the impact section of Answers Magazine and on Answers in Genesis website. Click the icon to read the full article.

Radiant Lit review

“I find myself wanting to shout from the rooftops that these books are perfect for any family and are a reading adventure that should not be missed.” – Lori Twichell

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CBD Best Seller

While no longer categorized on CBD as Historical Fiction. The Peleg Chronicles can still often be found in the top ten under Fantasy.


Foundlings was awarded Best Book for 2011 by the Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Homeschool Crew.

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The Green Archer Intro

I’ve got the fourth book of the Peleg Chronicles outlined – about 40 pages of notes, and I’m excited. And Nervous. It’s been a long time since I’ve written, and the doubts have begun. Especially after two of my readers were a little uncomfortable with chapter one. So, in my weakness, I’ve run to the scriptures to make sure I’m aligning myself properly with His Word, with the mind of Christ. I’m reassessing, but still hopeful. In the meantime, I thought I would post the introduction to book 4, which I’m pretty sure will be called ‘The Green Archer”. Here’s the rough draft:   Mamma, the giant badger, ambled through the den. She checked the main exit, sniffed the air, and turned back into the main run. She paused at her skunks; all three were tucked away into a small chamber. They did not stir for they were in their time of the deep-sleep. She turned at the next intersecting run, and found the rest of her clan, six badgers in all; they too were sleeping. It was the middle of the day, they had eaten much in their last night’s hunt, and so they were tired. But not Mamma. A restlessness was upon her. Ever since the battle with the bright-shinies, she found herself wondering about her very own man-thing. What had become of him? She entered his chamber next, moved among his belongings, and smelled them. In the corner was a wooden chest. She had seen him peering into it at times. Using her paws, she managed to open it quickly enough. Inside were clothes the color...

Conversations on Magic: ‘Leaning Annie’

CONVERSATIONS ON MAGIC People want to talk about magic. When we go to conventions, it is the number one topic that attendees bring up in our booth. Some begin the conversation accusing us, some start off defensive, some are curious, some confused, some joyful … and so begin hours of fascinating discussions with our visitors. I’d like to revisit some of these conversations on magic and paganism, so that you can be an observer, and if you like, a commentator. Perhaps I’ll make it a series. First though, I humbly ask for you to forbear with me. I know this is a touchy subject. Almost all my Christian friends disagree with me, and yet we are brethren who love one another. ‘LEANING ANNIE’ ‘Leaning Annie’ is a mixture of people I’ve met who ‘lean’ towards the notion that God is okay with magic being portrayed positively in Christian books and media. Yet, they are not completely convinced that their position is a right one. Annie, about sixteen or seventeen, perused our books for a few minutes. She seemed thoughtful, and with open countenance she turned to me and asked, “I want to be a Christian writer, could you tell me why I should not write about magic in my Christian fantasy novels?” There really seemed to be a great sincerity behind her question. I responded with my own question, “Do you know what the Bible says about magic?” She answered quickly. “Yes.” I pressed the point. “There are some topics, like wine, that have scriptures which seem to promote it and others which seem to condemn it. Though God...

Lap Book / Unit Study

We often get asked about material for further study to go along with the Peleg Chronicles. So, with that in mind we’ve begun putting together a Lap Book study type guide. It might be a while before the finished product is available so we’ve decided to periodically give a few pages away as a download for you to print up and use with your children. Click on the images below to get a larger version.                                                 Here is a list of some of the topics we’re looking at developing. Until then, maybe they will give you some ideas to pursue on your own: – Logic – Worldview – Battle tactics – Castles – The Word – Truth – Dragons – Giants – Fear – Trust – Gospel in Old Testament – Swords – Weapons/Armor – False Gods / Images – Heroes – Bad Guys – Music – Teaching – Boldness – Family / Orphans – Exhorting / Encouraging – Grace / Redemption. Can someone as bad as the Dragon Priest or Count Rosencross come to be saved. – Cavemen/Tump Barrows. What did the Israelites want to do when they felt like they were grasshoppers in the sight of giant men. – Slavery … physical and spiritual. Menstealing. – Generations / Descendents I hope these are a blessing to you. In Jesus, Matt...

Favorite Books List

As parents of four children, my wife and I search the internet, shelves of bookstores, pages of catalogues, and home school and Christian conferences trying to find books for our youngsters that are enjoyable and will inspire them to stay true to their Lord Jesus Christ. It’s both a fun and serious minded endeavor, for within the pages of many books lurk the enemies of a Biblical Worldview. Granted, there are not many books available that inspire, but we want there to be at least a semi regular diet of these precious works that will speak into their lives. We don’t always read books before our children sit down with them, but we do try to teach them to ‘prove all things’. Then when something seems amiss, they bring it to our attention and we discuss it in light of scripture. One of my daughters wanted to try a Choose Your Own Adventure Novel called ‘The Mystery of Ura Senke. I opened to the first page and read the following … You lie on the couch staring out the window. Another cold gray day. It’s January third, the last official day of New Year’s celebrations in Japan. Your family is spending the year in Kyoto, and even if Japanese school is three times harder than school in the United States, you’ll almost be glad when classes start again in two days. Anything is better than a boring vacation. – page 1 So I asked my girls if they could tell me what was being taught here? What world view was being promoted? Answer: Time with family is boring, anything...
Vicky Hallenbeck reviewed Loresmen (The Peleg Chronicles, book 3)
 September 3, 2013
Fantastic series! I hope that we don’t have to wait too long for more from Harding. I didn’t just read the three books in this series — I chewed them up. They were more like food than books and nourished my spirit and my sense of wonder. I have nothing but praise for this book and the series.
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