Chronology Chart from Adam to Joseph

Quality 11 x 17 Poster on 100 lb stock, Aqueos coated, then laminated

The Chronology Chart from Adam to Joseph is an excellent visual to help bring the early Biblical accounts of Genesis into perspective. Frame one and hang it on your wall as a witness to your belief in a literal young earth creation and understanding of the Bible, then be prepared for the questions and comments from your visitors.

This chart agrees with the chronologies of James Ussher (The Annals of the World) and Floyd Nolan Jones (The Chronology of the Old Testament). But you could make one yourself just by following the years given in the geneologies of the Bible.

I highly recommend “The Chronology of the Old Testament” by Dr. Floyd Nolan Jones. I believe that this book should be in the homes of all Christians as a reference to extinguish the attacks that cause Christians to doubt God’s Word, and as a fascinating read to build one’s faith. The introduction alone is worth the price.