Lap Book / Unit Study

Lap Book / Unit Study

We often get asked about material for further study to go along with the Peleg Chronicles. So, with that in mind we’ve begun putting together a Lap Book study type guide.

It might be a while before the finished product is available so we’ve decided to periodically give a few pages away as a download for you to print up and use with your children. Click on the images below to get a larger version.




























Here is a list of some of the topics we’re looking at developing. Until then, maybe they will give you some ideas to pursue on your own:

– Logic

– Worldview

– Battle tactics

– Castles

– The Word

– Truth

– Dragons

– Giants

– Fear

– Trust

– Gospel in Old Testament

– Swords

– Weapons/Armor

– False Gods / Images

– Heroes

– Bad Guys

– Music

– Teaching

– Boldness

– Family / Orphans

– Exhorting / Encouraging

– Grace / Redemption. Can someone as bad as the Dragon Priest or Count Rosencross come to be saved.

– Cavemen/Tump Barrows. What did the Israelites want to do when they felt like they were grasshoppers in the sight of giant men.

– Slavery … physical and spiritual. Menstealing.

– Generations / Descendents

I hope these are a blessing to you.

In Jesus, Matt



  1. This is going to be awesome! I can’t wait!

    • Hi Joziah. I’m glad you like it. I’m afraid I’m a bit behind on it though because I’m working on a fourth Peleg book and a second Ebenezer book. But, I’ll probably post 2 or 3 more lap book pages in the next couple weeks.

      • Wow! I’m so excited. My friends are gonna freak out!

  2. Also, who does the art for the lap books?

    • I drew the pictures for the pages in this post, but I don’t do all the art for some of the other pages.

      • Oh.. I was wondering who drew Oded and Suzie.


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