I completely and utterly love this book! … I loved everything about the book, especially Horatio. I can’t wait for more!

Courtney, age 16

I believe this series is the answer to many parent’s prayers.

Lauren, mother of 4

This book was totally AWESOME! … This book will be handed down in my family for generations!

Rachel, 12

Radiant lit logoFoundlings

Lord McDougal is a man of faith. And many, many quirks. He’s a mysterious type. Bold and powerful, he’s built like a tree and he has little difficulty finding trouble. More often than not, it finds him and his faithful sword bearer, Fergus Leatherhead. Far more than just a servant, Fergus is a friend. A mentor. A guide. It’s his life’s duty to give his life for Lord McDougal and duty. Throughout the adventures, we all get to see how highly he holds this task.

When their paths cross a dwarf, a young girl and some slave traders, life gets very interesting for the group. In fact soon they are the very embodiment of a ragtag army of people from nearly every walk of life. Determined to be everything that God has planned for him, McDougal backs down to no man and yet fights with honor through a series of unique situations and highly dangerous hijinks. They even take on giants, dark priests and dragon like creatures!

Touting no magic, evolution or humanism, Harding’s books are a vivid adventure fantasy that will delight readers of all ages. As I was reading, I was transported to this world as surely as I was in Narnia or Helm’s Deep. I loved this book. One of my favorite parts of Harding’s writing was the way that he included scripture. It’s always felt like a misstep to me when an author has a character suddenly spouting scripture as if that’s the way we all speak in every day language. But Harding’s characters deftly weave wisdom and knowledge from the Word of God into their every day language without it feeling forced or taking the reader out of the story. In fact, the way that he crafts the tale and the dialogue, it gives the reader a strong connection to the characters that helps draw you deeper into the story. It’s nearly impossible to explain how very much I loved this story.

The characters were a delight. The plot twisted and turned in ways that caught me off guard, but left me completely entertained. I enjoyed everything about the way that Matthew Christian Harding crafted this story and I can’t wait to finish the rest of the series. I cannot more highly recommend this book to anyone – of any age. Parents, this is a perfect book to read with your children. And if you have a teenager who enjoys fantasy? Perfect! Don’t miss this one. It’s a treasure you’ll be glad you found!

Rated PG: This is an extremely entertaining series written in such a way that anyone of any age could enjoy it. I only made it PG because a few things might be over the heads of very young readers. I’d recommend it for any family!

Lori Twichell from Radiant Lit

Radiant lit logoPaladins

With Paladins, we once again find ourselves in the company of Lord McDougal, Fergus Leatherhead, Gimcrack the Dwarf, Thiery and Suzie, the delightful little girl who entrances them all with her pure heart, precious songs and praise for the One True God.

This time, our intrepid heroes are out and about when the Death Hunt begins. And yes, that’s as frightening as it sounds. Thiery must find his way through a new culture, Gimcrack and Suzie need to pull a household together, and Fergus Leatherhead has been put in charge of the beautiful Lady Mercy.

It’s a wild adventure once again with slave traders, death priests, Oded the giant and evil threatening harm at nearly every turn.

Once again, Matthew Christian Harding has immersed us in a world of fantasy with no enchantments or wizardry, no evolution or humanistic theory but jam packed with adventure, intrigue and, in nearly every word, God’s love and grace. With astounding perception and detail, Harding carries the reader through a world that’s as full of fantasy as it is reality. With beautiful dialogue, characters and plot twists reminiscent of the best tales of C.S. Lewis, as I was reading I was envious of Harding’s talent for writing. The story he has crafted – the world he has created – is so enjoyable it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t something fully experienced and recorded for posterity.

Again, I find myself wanting to shout from the rooftops that these books are perfect for any family and are a reading adventure that should not be missed. If you love fantasy, adventure, historicals, intrigue or just brilliant storytelling, you should give this series a try. If you homeschool, reading these books together with your children is a fantastic literature or Bible addition to your curriculum. And if you don’t homeschool, reading them together is a wonderful evening activity for the whole family.

Rated PG: This is an extremely entertaining series written in such a way that anyone of any age could enjoy it. I only made it PG because a few things might be over the heads of very young readers. I’d recommend it for any family!

Lori Twichell from Radiant Lit

Radiant lit logoLoresmen

Who is Thiery? Where will Suzie end up? Is Lord McDougal alive or dead? Will Lady Mercy be spared? These are some of the questions that Matthew Christian Harding left us to ponder in his previous book, Paladins.

In this final chapter of the Peleg Chronicles, Matthew Christian Harding has set up myriad questions that need to be answered. People must be saved. Battles must be fought. And more than that, we learn the back stories to some of our favorite characters. Stories that have been hinted at, danced around, and played with in the first two books are suddenly made clear and we learn how everyone came together in this epic battle of good vs. evil. Our friends find themselves guests at the King’s table, battling giants and other frightening creatures and learning more about themselves than they ever imagined possible. (It’s really hard to write this review without spoiling plotlines – so I’m going to have to stop my summary here!)

I loved these books. I was delighted in the universe that Harding set up without falling back into the world of magic or other mystical things that are often entertaining, but not always Biblical. He managed to maintain a solid Biblical concept all the way throughout these books without taking anything away from the story. In other works some of the speeches given by these characters would seem preachy and out of place, but in these stories, they fit. There were moments in the book that someone would quote the Bible without a heavy handed message. It was simply woven into the fabric of their every day lives. That’s as it should be with us. I don’t know about you, but I rarely speak the Bible constantly into every day conversation. It doesn’t fit. But with this universe and these personalities, it didn’t feel like a misstep.

The vivid setting partnered with three dimensional characters that you’re eager to continue following set up a brilliant series that ends fantastically in this book. After reading them myself, I’ve worked them into a homeschool curriculum for my kids. Even the youngest of my family (8 years old) will love and enjoy these stories. Easy to read but with plotlines that keep everyone engaged, I cannot highly enough recommend these books. Do not let these beautiful gems pass by you unread. You will be missing something extraordinary if you do.

Rated PG: I loved this book. There were a few things that might need some guidance for really young kids, but for the most part, it’s all kinds of awesome!

Lori Twichell from Radiant Lit

 BOLD message — GREAT adventure!! November 19, 2013

I am a 37yo no-nonsense momma of 3. I downloaded this book on Kindle to read before ordering it for my 12 yo. When I ‘flicked’ the last page as I read last night I literally said out loud, “OH NO! That was the end!” …had it not already been late, I would’ve downloaded the next book and started right away.

If you are looking for a page-turner full of adventure – scary moments, good guy vs bad guys fights, humor – THIS IS YOUR BOOK!

It is safe for any/all ages to read. Not too scary. No inappropriate/unneccessary details. No bad language. Yet, you can’t stop reading!!!

The Gospel, thankfully, is presented very naturally time and time again in the way the characters live their lives and through their conversation – I am most appreciative of this feature in the book. As a parent I want my children to SEE other kids/young people living their faith out loud. To have the characters in the book openly share their faith while loving and living with those who do not believe is such a great lesson — To watch lives of big tough men be changed by the love of the Christian characters around them is powerful. and all while staying in the middle of this crazy adventure!!!

We were going to wait to order the set as a Christmas present – BUT i can’t wait that long to get my hands on #2!!!! 😉

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 Excellent wholesome story that points one toward the God of the Bible January 3, 2014
After reading the three Peleg Chronicles and watching my 17 & 12 year old sons do the same, I enthusiastically recommend these books to others. Though fictional, they are grounded in the best historical framework possible, the true history of the world, the Word of God. These books have motivated me, and I trust my sons too, to think biblically about everything in my life and to bring every daily challenge to God in prayer. Thanks so much Matthew for sharing these stories with us. God bless you!!
 Sequel does not disappoint September 3, 2013
I moved from the first book to this sequel at mach one and found it just as compelling. Many books set in the past offer “it could’ve been like this” plots, but Harding delivers in spades. I have nothing but praise for this great read.
 Satisfying conclusion September 3, 2013
Fantastic series! I hope that we don’t have to wait too long for more from Harding. I didn’t just read the three books in this series — I chewed them up. They were more like food than books and nourished my spirit and my sense of wonder. I have nothing but praise for this book and the series.
 great series, and it all stated with a freebie. September 3, 2013
This is the final book in this series. I downloaded the first for free… and was excited about spending my money(gasp!) for the other two. Uplifting books and demonstrated how to truly praise GOD in all things and circumstances. can’t wait to share with my daughter.
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