The Peleg Chronicles book three.


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In the third book of the Peleg Chronicles, Loresmen weaves the heroes of Hradcanny into a tapestry of danger, hope, and providence.

They are pursued by their enemies in a society that increasingly departs from truth as it falls away from the one true God.

They must defend their faith before the high counselor, tread carefully at the King’s table, wield their weapons bravely in the arena, and fight against giants, evil priests, and dragons.

These great heroes take up the sword as guardians and protectors, yet trust not in their weapons, but in the King of Kings who is their constant help in trouble.

Through underground passages and along Hradcanny’s rooftop sky-road, in the wilderness and upon the sea, the battle for God’s Word in the hearts and souls of men rages on. Our heroes, the keeper’s of God’s Word, His loresmen, must continue in faith, strengthened by the testimonies of the brethren before them, and by the witness that they shall leave behind.


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