The Peleg Chronicles

It was in the days of Peleg, when the earth was divided. After the flood of Noah, after the tower of Babel and the dispersion, when men wondered where they were upon the earth, and where their fellows had gone to, when beasts were more numerous than men – predators in the wood, in the water, and in the air. But men struggled and fought, carving their place. And in the process of time they once again began to multiply upon the face of the earth.

The Peleg Chronicles:

Enter a world of mystery, adventure, and danger in The Peleg Chronicles, a gripping fictional trilogy set in post-Babel times. Dragons lurk in swamps, forests and caves, and brutal giants stalk the land. Paganism abounds, but a remnant still believes in Noah’s God.

The Peleg Chronicles weaves together Biblical principles of chivalry, truth, courage, and love within the framework of Genesis.


The Northern realms. Circa 2000 B.C.

It was in the days of Peleg when the world was divided. After the flood of Noah, after the Tower of Babel and the dispersion … when beasts were more numerous than men. Two orphans, Thiery and Suzie. The Lady Mercy without a protector. Priests of the dragon, Baal, and the Queen of Heaven are seeking sacrifices for their false gods. The Death Hunt!

In a land of giants and dragons, and men running from the knowledge of their Creator, wickedness spreads as a plague, but a remnant of faithful souls shine in the darkness.


Paladins, the second book of the Peleg Chronicles, finds us back in the company of Lord McDougal and Fergus Leatherhead as the Death Hunt begins. But the outcome is not what one would expect.

Can they escape?

Will they find the foundlings before the Dragon Priests do?

Our noble heroes must put all their hope in the Lord’s mercies, while they journey forward by faith. They are the Paladins, the courageous protectors of the weak, and a light to those that would seek their demise.


In the third book of the Peleg Chronicles, Loresmen weaves the heroes of Hradcanny into a tapestry of danger, hope, and providence.

They are pursued by their enemies in a society that increasingly departs from truth as it falls away from the one true God.

They must defend their faith before the high counselor, tread carefully at the King’s table, wield their weapons bravely in the arena, and fight against giants, evil priests, and dragons.

These great heroes take up the sword as guardians and protectors, yet trust not in their weapons, but in the King of Kings who is their constant help in trouble.

Through underground passages and along Hradcanny’s rooftop sky-road, in the wilderness and upon the sea, the battle for God’s Word in the hearts and souls of men rages on. Our heroes, the keeper’s of God’s Word, His loresmen, must continue in faith, strengthened by the testimonies of the brethren before them, and by the witness that they shall leave behind.

IMG_72… can I just say I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for this book! Really, I’m at a loss for the appropriate words to give this book the honor that it’s due. And here’s why: True to his word, there is no magic, no evolution and no humanism in this book. But it’s packed with truth, scripture, joy, laughter, sorrow, adventure, excitement, imagination and the WHOLE BOOK honors God!

I love thisbook because it was safe, it was God-honoring and truthful. We were laughing out loud, I was crying ( I always getchoked up during the emotional parts). Highly Recommended!

Mrs. Taffy

At first, I was a bit hesitant because I am not a giant and dragon type of girl. However, I found myself anxious each night to indulge in the lives of these notorious characters. Such an uplifting reading experience involving courage and faith … A read a loud at its best.

Mom of six

Apple treeThrow out the old way you thought about dragons and discover how this writer puts them into books with a Christian worldview. Foundlings is not fantasy though to the naked eye it would be easy to place it in that genre. However, you will not find magic in this work.

The publisher also says it is devoid of not only magic but evolution, humanism or compromise. That alone gave me a thrill. As a Christian there are so many worldly things I say no to when asked permission by my children.

However, this book gets not only approval but a standing ovation. Do not be mistaken and think this book will also be devoid of adventure, thrills, fun and challenging thoughts. Foundlings not only gives you a ride that combats any roller coaster it gives you a true sense of heroism and family discussions that center on the glory of God’s creation and Word. Think your kid is not interested in the bible or Christian books? This book will change both your minds. This is an excellent read aloud for the whole family. If you choose not to read this book aloud as a family, I encourage you to read it first or at the same time as your child. This book provides discussion topics and insights you will want to explore with your child. Besides, it is a great book and fun read for even the parent!


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